Hi, I’m Jen.

I write middle grade fiction. I like to read books that have compelling characters, an active plot, and strong themes, so those are also the kinds of stories I write.

I offer my books as a gift of hope and inspiration for all of the kids who are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning as they envision the future that will undoubtedly result from the current political climate.  Today’s generation will need to make their own way in the world if they are to save it. I know that they have the strength and inspiration to undo the damage.  I can see it in the faces of the kids I meet every day. I hope my stories help inspire them for the work that is ahead while also providing an entertaining escape from current day to day events.

I am an active member of the SCBWI.  I participate in and contribute to http://www.mglunchbreak.com/, a book club and blog where middle grade writers discuss middle grade novels from a craft perspective. I’ve participated in the Better Books and Big Sur Writing Workshop, SCBWI Asilomar conference, and critique groups, and have taken various classes on writing for children.  Prior to writing fiction, I was a technical writer in the software industry for 20 years.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado.  I spent a few decades roaming the world, living and working in France and Taiwan, before settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I still enjoy traveling with my husband and 9 year old twin sons. Some of our favorite places to visit have included Costa Rica, Morocco, and Kauai, and I can’t wait to take them to other places I’ve loved in the past; New Zealand, Cambodia, and Jamaica, to start. It’s a big world out there and I have miles to go before I sleep.  When I’m at home, I garden and keep chickens and bees and cats at our California urban homestead.


I’ve written three middle grade novels. I haven’t felt ready to try to get anything published, so you won’t find my books in the bookstore… yet.


Willow is the princess of Veldshire, and the only child of her father, King Oriel. Willow’s mother disappeared when Willow was a toddler, but before she left, she entrusted Willow with her dragon. To become queen and keep her dragon safe, Willow will have to prove to her father, and to the entire kingdom, that she alone is the worthy successor to the throne of Veldshire.  But proving the crown should be hers turns out to be more complicated than Willow predicted.

The Magnitude of Friendship

In the aftermath of an earthquake that destroys his home and neighborhood, Lucas realizes that his best friend Shawn has been left behind in the wreckage. Lucas decides to go back for Shawn and bring him to safety, but to do so, he must team up with Shawn’s friend Julia.  Lucas and Julia despise one another, but they must set their own feelings aside to save their mutual friend. The experience teaches them both that sometimes, popular opinion can be deceiving.


Christopher is a timid 12 year old boy whose mom, a research scientist, gets stuck in the future when she accidentally drinks an experimental teleporting serum she’s invented.  Christopher has to stop the multinational logging company his dad works for from destroying the rainforest habitat of the plant that makes up the serum so that his mother can re-create the serum in the future and return to him.

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